Why Go Natural & Organic For Baby Care Products?

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In today’s world, you're presented with a wide variety of products, be it bathing, food, clothing, cosmetics, or skin care - the choices seem endless. When it comes to your baby, it’s wonderful to have so many choices, however it’s also essential to make informed decisions on what is best for the health and safety of baby. After caring so tenderly for nine months in the womb, the last thing your baby needs is exposure to harsh chemicals that many traditional, non-organic products contain.

Harsh Chemicals Used in Many Mainstream Baby Wash and Care Products

It’s important to realize that baby skin is much more sensitive as compared to an adult (up to 20 to 30% thinner). So while many conventional companies are seemingly not concerned with developing and marketing products that eliminate or minimize chemicals that can be harmful to your baby, there are increasingly more that do understand the importance of creating baby care products that take into consideration the impact of chemicals on a baby’s tender and vulnerable skin. This is one of the main reasons why many parents are now switching to more eco-friendly, natural and organic baby care products, and taking advantage of the earthly benefits that these products offer. 

Can Non-Organic Baby Washes Really Cause Harm To My Baby?

Baby’s skin is more delicate and should be nurtured with care. Using adult or traditional baby body washes (including hand soaps, shampoos and bubble baths), can cause skin irritation and lead to skin pealing, rashes, dryness and eczema. There’s also a study that indicates exposure to these chemicals in the long run may lead to cancer and kidney failure as these chemicals are absorbed by the body through the skin.

Another common way of selecting baby care products is by how they smell. Don’t let fragrances dictate your choice as they’re often created from chemicals disguised as alluring scents. Many baby products offer a range of scents, however if you dig deeper, you’ll realize that depending on the brand, this is simply a marketing tactic (who doesn’t like a good smelling body wash or shampoo?).  Though they smell great, many fragrances can actually do more harm than good as they’re commonly made from unnatural ingredients including petroleum-derived synthetic chemicals. Further, companies are not necessarily required to disclose the specific chemical make-up of the “fragrance” within their ingredient list. Such fragrances can also lead to serious health problems for your little one. Fragrances tend to linger on baby’s skin, and can lead to eye, skin, neurological, and respiratory issues. Please read this post on treehugger.com for more in depth information.

A study by a US university revealed that common elements used in fragrances, can include ingredients such as acetone, benzaldehyde, benzyl alcohol, methylene chloride which can lead to central nervous system damage, headaches, nausea, drowsiness, fatigue, respiratory issues, asthma, and be harmful to a baby’s sensitive vision.

Potentially harmful ingredients in baby wash and care products

Baby shampoos, washes, and lotions can also contain parabens which is a preservative that’s been linked to certain reproduction issues in men, and breast cancer in women. Parabens are still found in some baby care products, so be careful to avoid, or go organic. For more information on the risks of parabens and what ingredients to avoid, check out this article at www.babycentre.co.uk.

Lastly, even disposable diapers can include dangerous chemicals for absorption as well as fragrance. Please conduct your due diligence when selecting diapers for baby - they’ll be wearing them 24/7 for the first 3 years of their life!

Though many of today’s mainstream baby care products contain harsh and dangerous chemicals, thankfully there are alternative products that contain natural and organic ingredients for your peace of mind, and baby’s health and safety.

Go Natural, Organic!

Fortunately parent awareness of product ingredients is at an all-time high, and continues to flourish.  With the increasing availability of natural and organic baby care products, parents are no longer bound to mainstream, harmful products, and many have already made the switch to safer and healthier products. 

The Many Benefits Of Organic Baby Washes & Shampoos

Natural and organic baby care products are free of harsh chemicals such as carbonates, sulphates, oxides, chlorides, parabens and other chemicals. Instead, these products contain natural (and often organic) ingredients like aloe, coconut oil, tee-tree oil, calendula, nourishing natural oils, citrus elements, cucumber cooling extracts, and other safe, healthy, and nourishing ingredients. 

Natural and Organic Ingredients in Baby Wash and Care Products Keep Baby Safe, Healthy, and May Actually Provide Health Benefits

Organic baby washes and shampoos not only help cleanse your baby safely, they can also aid with skin and hair conditioning – providing more nourishment for silky smooth hair and skin. Hypoallergenic baby washes can help your little one during a bout of congestion and stuffy nose. Organic ingredients like eucalyptus, tea tree, and menthol can provide a comforting bath, and can help baby sleep more comfortably when not feeling well. Plant extracts are also known to help stimulate activity and enhance emotions.

There are many natural baby care choices for the discerning parent who only wants the best for their little one – ensuring health and safety. Scent-free, mild, natural and organic ingredients are a must to be confident baby is protected from harsh chemicals, and where the long-range effects are still not fully understood.  If you want a pleasant, but mild scent when washing or caring for baby, there are several natural products that use safe ingredients for fragrance such as lavender, green apple, eucalyptus, vanilla, lemon and other citrus extracts.

If you’re on the fence about going natural and organic with your baby wash and care products, it’s well worth the consideration. With more companies offering natural products, pricing is more reasonable than in recent years. Further, the near and long term effects of unnatural, “harsh” chemicals found in today’s mainstream baby products are not fully understood. Considering such, I'd prefer to place my trust, and money with companies that are more concerned with the well-being of you and your baby, rather than corporations that may be too focused on the bottom line, and Wall Street expectations.

With natural baby washes, you can feel great about giving your little one a warm, soothing, and nourishing head-to-toe wash, as well as a better opportunity for long-term health and safety.

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Please note that some baby washes and shampoos are NOT tear-free (yet perfectly natural and safe), so may require a new technique of washing your baby’s face and hair.