Organic Coconuts For Your Baby's Crib Mattress?

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Yep, coconuts folks... If you’ve started down the path to find that perfect natural and organic crib mattress for your baby, then Naturalmat’s Coco ("Coconut") Crib Mattress deserves some serious consideration.

We’re giddy over the organic and natural materials used in creating Naturalmat’s Organic Quilted Coco Crib Mattress. In our opinion, it’s a masterpiece of organic goodness! If high-quality craftsmanship, natural and organic materials, eco-friendly, and a reasonable price point are important to you, then this may be the perfect crib mattress for baby - whether you're expecting and setting up a nursery, or just no longer comfortable with your current crib mattress.

Your baby will spend the majority of their first and second years sleeping in their crib, and with only a few centimeters of bedding separating them from the actual mattress, it’s vitally important to be aware of potential toxins that could be lurking on the inside and exterior of the mattress.  With Naturalmat’s Organic Coco Crib Mattress, parents can be confident it’s one of the best natural crib mattresses available for your baby, and relax as baby sleeps peacefully 12 to 18 hours a day!

 Healthy Sleep Baby Natural and Organic Crib Mattress

Let’s get into the inner-workings of this Coco Crib Mattress, and see why it’s so special.

Naturalmat uses coconut coir for the mattress core to create a natural, safe, and comfy environment for baby to relax and sleep. Of course this is ideal since baby spends so much time sleeping in their crib the first couple years of life.

According to Wikipedia, Coir is the natural fiber extracted from the husk of a coconut. It’s the fibrous material that lies between the hard internal shell, and the outer shell of a coconut.  The organic coir that Naturalmat uses (from a certified organic coconut plantation) ensures optimal airflow and the perfect cushion and support for baby, ultimately providing consistent comfort, and a healthy and safe sleep environment. Natural latex is bonded to the coir to provide the ideal mattress core.

 Organic Coconut Coir Helps Baby Sleep on  Natural and Organic Crib Mattress

The other key component of Naturalmat’s Coco crib mattress is the certified organic lambswool - obtained from a local farm - not far from where Naturalmat hand-makes each mattress (yep, each mattress is handmade!) in Devon, England. 

The organic lambswool is the perfect mating piece to the organic coir, as it’s inherently breathable, with a natural ability to regulate baby’s body temperature – harnessing heat where it’s needed, and dispersing it where it’s not. In addition, lamb’s wool is naturally fire retardant.

Finally, all of this natural and organic goodness is expertly encased within a 100% natural quilted cotton cover that is removable, and washable. The cover has no synthetic material or polyethylene which ensures optimal breathability, and equates to safe and healthy sleep for baby!  Though the cotton cover is not certified organic, rest assured it’s as pure as you can get – being both unbleached and undyed.

 Naturalmat Quilted Coco Natural and Organic Coir Baby Crib Mattress

We at All Baby Organics applaud Naturalmat as a company, and for the products they produce. We admire their business philosophy, as well as the care and passion that goes into each product's design and manufacture.  The materials and craftsmanship of Naturalmat’s baby crib mattress are top-notch, which we appreciate, as do many customers

Perhaps a concern for some with this crib mattress, is that when you place an order, it may not land on your doorstep in two days as many of us have become accustomed to. This can be attributed to the location of manufacture (Devon, England) and that each mattress is made-to-order (and handmade). Once an order is placed, you can normally expect to receive your mattress within 10 to 14 days. In our humble opinion, it’s well worth the wait!

So where you can find this amazing crib mattress you ask?  As you've probably guessed, we offer Naturalmat’s Organic Quilted Coco Crib Mattress here at All Baby Organics as well as on Amazon.

If you have a little one that’s outgrowing their crib mattress, Naturalmat’s Organic Quilted Coco Twin Mattress is an excellent option as well.

For a full selection of all Naturalmat products, please check out our full line up, or if you prefer, visit Naturalmat’s site for more information or to purchase direct. Our intention is to spread awareness of the many health and environmental benefits of a high-quality, natural/organic baby crib mattresses – where you ultimately purchase is a personal preference.

We sincerely hope this article has provided you with some insight into the benefits of a natural and organic crib mattress, along with potential risks with traditional baby crib mattresses. There are a multitude of options when it comes to selecting a crib mattresses, and picking the right one is a personal journey based on your preferences and ideals.

If you have any question on which mattress would be best for your child, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us here, or email direct at

Best of luck in your quest for natural goodness!