Kids Organic Hooded Towel - Elephants

$ 43.99

Love Them Ears! Oh-So Cute & Super Absorbent to Keep Them Warm, Dry & Cozy! 

The perfect organic cotton hooded towel for your child's bath time, the beach, or swim lessons!  This bath wrap offers a vibrant and unique Elephant design that's fun for all!


  • Fits:  Ages 3 to 9
  • Size:  27" x 45" (69 cm x 114 cm)
  • Color / Design:  
    • Yellow, with Pink & Blue Elephants
    • Purple, with Orange & Green Elephants
  • Amazingly soft and absorbent.
  • Made from 100% organically grown cotton in a Jacquard weave.
  • Safe, non-toxic dyes.
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry.
  • Great birthday or holiday gift!
  • Coordinating bath mitts available.
  • Maintain softness and absorbency by washing with natural detergent.

Towel Care Tips:

We recommend washing towels in cold water with an Eco-friendly degradable detergent (see all our eco-friendly and natural detergents) and NO dryer sheets. If possible, hang to dry. This will help ensure the softness and absorption of your organic towels for years to come.

Traditional laundry softeners, including dryer sheets, use chemicals to achieve the "soft" feel and reduce static cling. These chemicals will ultimately cause your towels to repel water, not absorb! But more alarming, chemicals used to create the "soft" feel, as well as the variety of "fresh scents" available today, have shown to contain toxins that present health risks for your family. For more details, please read our article, What Can You Do? Hidden Health Risks of Fabric Softeners & Dryer Sheets.