Organic Quilted Coco Twin Mattress

$ 945.00

The Perfect Natural & Organic Twin Mattress!

This Coco Twin Mattress is all about offering your child a safe and sound sleep. Made entirely of organic materials which naturally help regulate air flow and body temperature. A quilted cover adds a soft top layer for additional comfort.

With a core of organic coir (coconut fibers), this is the most breathable of our twin mattresses and offers firm support. Layers of organic coir, organic lambswool, and a soft Natural cotton cover make this an amazingly comfy mattress.


  • Standard Twin Mattress Size: 75'' x 39'' x 5.75''
  • Organic coir (coconut fiber)
  • Organic local lambswool tufting
  • Firm support
  • Hypoallergenic, Orthopedic support
  • Natural cotton cover that's machine washable
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee
  • Completely Chemical Free
  • Complies with all standards (BS7177, BS 1877 Part 10, BS 71-3 & BS 5852)
  • From Naturalmat
  • Each product is handmade in England- please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

Each twin mattress is completely natural and extremely breathable. Naturalmat uses only natural materials like organic lambswool from local sheep, and organic coconut fibers (coir) from the only certified organic coconut plantation in the world! And to top it off, each mattress is made by hand in a factory surrounded by green fields in Devon, England!

What's Inside the Coco Mattress?

  • Washable Removable Quilted Cotton Cover
    • Removable and washable pure cotton cover for practicality. No synthetics or polyethylene for optimum breathability. 
  • Certified Organic Lambswool
    • Certified organic lambswool from local Devon farms is naturally fire retardant. Inherently breathable, lambswool helps regulate body temperature - trapping heat when needed and dispersing when it’s not. 
  • Certified Organic Coir
    • Only Naturalmat use coir from the world’s only certified organic coconut plantation. Coir ensures unbeatable airflow, superior spring and excellent support - promoting healthy and natural sleep for your baby.